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Body Count – Bloodlust

Here is an old review of Body Count’s “Bloodlust” I did for BloodRock Media back in 2017.

Oh Body Count, what an interesting history you have!  Back in the 90s you both interested metal fans and had half of the United States hate you with your first release with the infamous “Cop Killer”.  With all of the anti-police stigma in the media these days, you totally have had enough material to ignite your passions again with this release.  One thing I will say though, is what a god damn good job you did!

I am not going to bullshit you, I really like this album.  Its raw.  Its pissed off.  It has SOUL.  Ice-T does an amazing job fronting this band as only he could.  Ill also tell you why this album surprised the hell out of me.  Not only did Ice-T completely slay at covering Postmortem and Raining Blood by Slayer, they also have some really choice tracks with guest appearances from really prominent metal bands such as Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Randy Blythe (Lamb of God), and Max Cavalera (Sepultura, Soulfly).  

Go out and pick this up.  You wont be disappointed.  Choice tracks are No Lives Matter and This is Why We Ride.

Body Count is:  

Ice T

Ernie C

Ill Will

Vincent Price

Juan of the Dead

Sean E Sean

Little Ice


  1. Civil War
  2. The Ski Mask Way
  3. This is why We Ride
  4. All Love is Lost
  5. Raining Blood/Postmortem 2017
  6. God, Please Believe Me
  7. Walk With me
  8. Here I Go Again
  9. No Lives Matter
  10. Bloodlust
  11. Black Hoodie



Favorite Tracks:
This is Why we Ride, No Lives Matter

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