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CANCERSMASH: Withering Soul / Speedgod / Bleed for the Fallen / Impale / Cimmerian / Caecus

Here is a review of a Rock in Chicago hosted event that I was a part of.  Really fun night and we raised a good amount of money for cancer research!

Cancersmash Night 1.  What a fun night filled with great people, fantastic bands, and amazing tunes.  The best part about this show, was the fact it was an all ages extravaganza.  The first 2 bands, Caecus (whose name was phonetically butchered by all of the RIC crew haha) and Cimmerian’s members barely hit the 21 age mark.  Both of those bands completely rocked our faces off, and it was completely apparent that both bands have a bright future in front of them.  With most shows being over 21 shows these days, I think that showcasing these guys at an all ages show was a pretty stellar idea.   Caecus and Cimmerian’s styles are pretty djentiful, mathy and groovy all at once.  I was really really impressed with their sets.

Impale, holy jeepers Impale.  These veterans of Bada Brew, were killer.  Normally I tend to dismiss bands using drum machines (except Maggot Twat of course) but wow they sounded fantastic.  Nice and brutal, just the way I like it.!

Bleed for the Fallen, wow what a fun fun fun performance.  Bleed’s Pantera-ey sound had everyone banging their heads with a very energetic set.  

Speedgod, hailing from Lansing, Michigan, were a total treat.  Even I had to run into the pit for their performance to get in a good mosh….especially when they covered Slayer’s “Disciple” which happens to be a Doc Metal anthem.

Withering Soul, a mash up of Doom and Black Metal, ended the show with style and precision.  Their set was utterly awesome.  Vocalist Mykil Grim was on point for this performance.

Aaaaaand by this time, the Zombie Dusts were catching up to me, where I dont remember much of the show afterwards, besides the burrito run with the man who set this whole night up, Mr. Erik Vecchione! 



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