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Without Waves – Lunar

Reviewing Without Waves’ Lunar album here from a couple years ago.  They thanked me in their liner notes!!!!

Oh these crazy cats have finally released their album.  I have a little bit of history with Without Waves.  A couple years back, I was helping co-host the Rock in Chicago podcast, where we interviewed many of Chicago’s local music scene, ranging from punk, to indie, to metal.  For one show, we had Without Waves in the studio to talk about their EP that they released at the time, called “The Entheogen”.  I admit, I came into the interview completely unprepared, not having listened to this release.  I admitted this to the all the guys, but that did not stop us from having a really interesting interview, which really intrigued me to listen to their EP as soon as I could.  What an aural experience that was.  2 original tracks and 1 cover that I listened to at least a couple hundred times since.  

Since that night of interview shenanigans, I have bugged the hell out of all the Without Waves guys for a full album release.  They kept telling me, “It is coming, we have a lot of great things coming up.”  They were not lying.  Since then, this progressive metal powerhouse were signed to Prosthetic Records, and scheduled their first full length album “Lunar” to be released  March 17th, 2017.  

This album is absolutely perfect.  Since its release, it has pretty much been on repeat any time I had time to listen to music.  “Lunar” is a beast of its own, that pretty much any type of metalhead can enjoy.  It starts off like a rabid pit bull ready to bite your face off, then chills out and makes underwear moist, then progs out so insanely nuts that it would make any mathematician try to use their time signatures to help solve the mysteries of the universe.  Oh, and the vocals, the vocals of Anthony Cwan on this record will have the guys nodding in acknowledgement, and the ladies swoon.  Do yourself a favor and just buy this damn thing, you will not be disappointed.  It is going to take one hell of an album to knock this bad boy off of my number 1 slot of best album of 2017. 

Favorite Track:  Us Against 

Without Waves “Lunar”

  1. Sewing Together the Limbs
  2. Poetry in Putrid Air
  3. Us Against
  4. Never Quite Know Why
  5. Victorian Punishment
  6. EDMS
  7. Lost Art
  8. Fractals
  9. Memento Mor

Anthony Cwan – Vocals/Guitars

Zac Lombardi – Guitars

John Picillo – Bass

Garry Naples – Drums




Favorite Tracks:
Us Against, Never Quite Know Why

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