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Las Trumien – Liczac Umarlych

Las Trumien - Liczac Umarlych album cover

So I was sitting and drinking with my tattoo artist…  asked him to suggest some Polish metal bands I can play on The Doc Metal Show.  He suggested Las Trumien, so I picked up their first EP that was released back in September of 2020.  That EP totally made me want to preorder the stonery, sludgy goodness that is “Liczac Umarlych”.  Powerful, Southern groovy riffs reminiscent of Crowbar/Down that will definitely make you wanna smoke up and maybe punch a baby.  

Las Trumien may sound like a Spanish name, but it translates to “Forest of Coffins” in Polish, which is pretty fucking metal if you ask me.   Liczac Umarlych translates to “Counting the Dead”… also fucking metal.  Overall, I dig this album as a whole.  Flows nicely and totally hits the spot if you’re in the mood for some Southern sludge.  I suggest you check it out.




Favorite Tracks:
Sprzedawca Spiewnikow, Cmentarz Milostowo

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