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Novembers Doom / Avernus / Act of Destruction / Divinity Compromised 2014

Here is an article I wrote back in 2014 for probably the Rock In Chicago Tumblr page.   I am totally loving going back into my old archives of show and album reviews I have done to show all of you!

Ahh, the Cobra Lounge.  It’s one of the few places in Chicago where there is a sense of community with us metalheads.  Unholy Empire sure knows how to throw a party, with the night of 3/28/14 being a perfect example.  It Was the night of DOOM, where Novembers Doom brutally violated our ears and faces with support from Avernus, Act of Destruction and Divinity Compromised.  The show had a really great turnout, with tons of people and a really positive vibe.  The drinks were flowing, the women were dancing… even Nicholas Cage was moshing.  Here is a quick overview of the great bands that graced us with their presence that night:

First off, to all of the people that showed up to the show late, you missed what was one of the most solid opening acts I have had the chance to experience.  Divinity Compromised, WOW.  Such a tight set!  I am not usually a fan of the melo-death or power metal, (especially not after seeing Manowar’s train wreck they called a show last February) but these guys really caught my attention and earned a well deserved Facebook like.  I wish that more people would have seen them, these guys nailed it and definitely have a bright future ahead of them.

Next up, was Act of Destruction.  Blackened thrash speed metal is the best way to describe them.  I saw these guys before at Ye Old Town Inn in Mount Prospect a couple months ago and dug them, so I was looking forward to seeing them again.  I have to say, their set at Cobra was a bajillion times more punishing, bludgeoning and just friggin brutal.  The mix of both vocalists really hit home with me, along with the wild solos to go along with the thrashspeedfuckshitup riffage that penetrated our earholes.  These fellows know how to please a crowd, too.  In between tracks, the bassist had the crowd cracking up with some witty and hilarious banter.  

After Act of Destruction, we had the pleasure of being hypnotized by the wonderful and amazing sounds of Avernus.  Slow, doomy, legendary…. What other synonyms can I come up with to describe these guys?   In short, Avernus blew us away with their great set which included a Paradise Lost cover.  I sure do love that “Sadness” EP.  Buy it here:


Last and definitely not least, Novembers Doom!  Do not hate me for this, but this was actually the first time that I experienced this band.  After seeing this performance, I’m pretty upset with myself for that.  I was very, very impressed with their sound, and these guys earned me as a fan.  I wish I could tell you more about the setlist, but I was too busy soaking in 25 years of death/doom metal packed into a short set list!




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