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AOTM – Mobius Chair – Red Rectangle [demo]

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Oh wow, what a nice breezy walk through the woods this was.  By woods I mean a cyberpunk version of the ninth circle of hell, and by breezy I mean the atmosphere of fucking Jupiter.  What a delicious set of tracks from the mastermind behind Scientist, Eric Plonka.  This sludgy batch of blistering blast beats […]

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Favorite Tracks:
Red Rectangle 5, the red rectangle is.... death?

The Doc Metal Show 03/22/2021 Playlist!

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Yo, this show was absolutely insane and perfect!   Huge thank yous to all that listened!  A fantastic mixture of all types of metals…. for 4 fucking hours.   What a show, I had such a great time with this one! Here is the Spotify playlist…  

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