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Pallbearer – Heartless

You know, i dug this album back in 2017, but after seeing them live, the last show of their tour for this album, I lost ALL interest.  I am sure they were tired…  but they were just SO OFF.  Sure this is what I wrote back in 2017, but my current score is totally affected because I just can not get into this album anymore after their shit perfomance.

Ohhhh, these crazy cats from Arkansas.  Pallbearer released its much awaited album “Heartless” through Profound Lore Records/20 Buck Spin on March 21st, 2017…  and by the gods, it is one powerful album.  I have been a fan of these dudes since I heard their last album from 2014, “Foundations of Burden”.  Last year we had a small taste of what this band evolved to with their “Fear and Fury” EP, (including their insanely amazing cover of Type O Negative’s “Love You to Death”) and “Heartless” did not disappoint.

Doom, funerals, despair, power, riffs, haunting vocals.  These are all words that came to mind when I heard this release.  Usually bands of this genre fall into a rut where each and every track sound the same, but this album does not.  For example, “Dancing in Madness” has almost a Pink Floyd type feel, and the following track “Cruel Road” punches you in the gut with some of the heaviest riffs you can imagine.  

This band does not just offer you amazing tunes though.  The packaging of the vinyl is seriously top notch.  I was lucky enough to snag one of their purple versions of the record, which really look nice with the rest of the packaging. 

Pallbearer just finished a short US tour, and now they are overseas playing “Heartless” for our friends in Europe.  HAIL DOOM!

Band Members

Brett Campbell – Vocals/Guitar

Devin Holt – Guitar

Joseph D. Rowland – Bass

Mark Lierly – Drums


  1.  I Saw the End
  2. Thorns
  3. Lie of Survival
  4. Dancing in Madness
  5. Cruel Road
  6. Hearltess
  7. A Plea for Understanding


Direct order – http://geni.us/PLBRheartlessPFL

iTunes – http://geni.us/PLBRheartlessiTunes

Spotify – http://geni.us/PLBRheartlessSpotify


Favorite Tracks:
fuckin none of them

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